We are Amsterdam Data Collective. Together we realise the potential of data for a better future. Using data science to make a positive impact is what drives us. We initiate and contribute to the successful completion of the most impactful data science initiatives across the globe.

We do this proudly for brands such as Adyen, Knab, Hello Fresh, Accelya to name a few. Check out some of our favorite projects below.

We know you don’t just need algorithms, you need solutions

We bridge the gap between strategy and data science. But data only becomes valuable when clients dare to let it shape their business. And trust us to join them on that journey.


Build an ecosystem of people, technology and processes to capture the value of data.

Data Engineering

Improve your organisation’s data usage through our diverse engineering capabilities.

Advanced Analytics

Gain key insights on your organisation through our state-of-the-art data science applications.

We design context-conscious solutions that connect people, processes and technology

We are growing our organisation sector by sector because the impact of a data-science initiative will be different for each sector and each organisation within it.

What sets Amsterdam Data Collective apart

We actively seek out projects and people that can make a difference. Since both are scarce, we aim to build an organisation that is valuable for clients and inspiring for employees. So we adopt strong principles and a long-term focus.

Brightest Minds

Growing a team of the brightest minds with a diverse set of skills, experiences and backgrounds. Here to make impact and a joy to work with.

Sector Experts

Deep sector knowledge that is required to identify key impact areas, anticipate potential pitfalls and consider essential processes.

Creative Team

We strive for solutions that are the best combination of our joint creativity striking a balance between what works today and what works in the future.

Trusted by 50+ organisations that use data science to power their results

We are grateful for the challenges our clients entrust to us. It is their trust that empowers us to make a difference.

We collaborate with ambitious brands and people. Are you with us?

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