Jaap is one of the junior consultants who started recently after finishing his Master of Econometrics. Because he has that kind of profile everyone is looking for, we are very curious about why he chose us and how he experienced the recruitment process. So, let’s have a talk about it from the initial contact till signing the contract.

Why did you choose for working at ADC?

The first thing that made me choose for ADC are the opportunities you get! Immediately starting at a project from scratch on and having a great personal and team development program where you have the freedom to work on something that you are interested in are just a few examples. Second, there is so much you can do with data, and there are so many fields that are unexplored yet. I got triggered by the fact that everyone at ADC shares the interest and has this common goal to find new ways to use data to make better informed decisions! It is an extremely motivating environment and it is crazy how much I already learned during the first days at ADC!

How did you experience the recruitment process in general?

The recruitment process is built up in such a way that you can explore if quantitative management consulting is something that you want. You get the opportunity to ask many questions and everyone is completely open on what to expect. All with the goal that you are able to make the right choice for you as a person!

Where did the journey start?

For me it all started with a LinkedIn message from ADC’s internal recruiter, which is you, Ewout. Usually, LinkedIn messages are not personal at all and just focusing on the job they’re recruiting for. Often you can literally change the name in the message and send it to someone else. The message I received from you was with a personal note, really interested in me as a person as well! That is one of the things that attracted me upfront. Also, the vacancy, which was attached, was attractive. At that point I was in the first phase of writing my thesis, so not busy with searching for my first job at all.

Tell me something about the first direct contact.

The recruitment process started with a first call with you, talking a bit more in depth on what I was looking for in my first job but also in my working environment. For me, this was already very helpful!

What was the next step?

The next step was the interview with a consultant and recruiter. The setup of this interview was in a relaxed setting, and we were both talking about what we are looking for. I could explain the things I wanted to do and what I want to learn. More importantly, there was plenty of time for me to ask all the questions I wanted to ask, making it a very open interview. Besides that, we talked about the team, culture, projects, training, social activities. The interviewers were very open about what I could expect and pointing out a few things that I would need to think about.

What was the outcome of the first interview?

They explained to me that it is not helping either of us to make a decision I am not sure about and a first job is a very important decision. So, they gave me the time which allowed me to think about all I learned during the interview, to make the decision whether I want to go for it or not. After a couple of days, we scheduled a call and we both wanted to go to the next round, which was great!

And then there was the case round, how did you experience it?

The case round gave me a very good feeling of what you can expect during a real assignment. Actually, my first assignment is an extended version of the case, so it can’t get more realistic!! Beforehand I received a nice preparation email with a document on the theory of the case, so I could start well prepared. The personal interest didn’t disappear over time! Examples are a text message just before my case interview to wish me luck, which makes me more confident and much more exciting about doing the case. During the case you’ll have to do some data cleaning, programming and finally present the results. One of the better things is that you can do the case in the programming language of your choice. This made me feel way more comfortable in preparing the case, and helps you delivering a result of higher quality which, of course, is more fun as well!

What happened after the case round?

After finishing the application procedure, I got the time and space to think again on the next step I wanted to make. I had plenty of time to discover because I just started with my thesis. I kept in touch with ADC and everyone was extremely helpful and open for a talk, to assure I could make a decision that I was feeling comfortable with. In my case, this meant I wanted to start at ADC! 🙂

How did you celebrate your decision?

By signing the contract! After we discussed the contract, we had lunch together, I met the rest of the team and we had plenty of time to walk through the offer again. That was also the beginning of a long period of waiting before start working at ADC, because I had to finish my Master first, but now with a signed contract in the pocket!



Ewout Drontmann

Ewout is Amsterdam Data Collective's in-house recruiter. He studied Human Resource Management and has been a people person since the day he was born. This combination gives him a fine eye for talent and the well-being of people. Ewout makes sure that potential colleagues feel welcome and present the best version of themselves during the interview process.

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