Financial institutions have to cope with an accelerating pace of regulatory change. A lack of agility is in the top 6 challenges [DNB Toezicht Vooruitblik 2018]. For a large bank we increased the risk agility and facilitated the transition on multiple dimensions: way-of-working (process, raci and work instructions), tooling (e.g. MATLAB Production server, JIRA, Bitbucket, etc.) and education (production quality modelling). In addition, we used and validated the developed process to implement an update of IFRS 9 retail mortgage model.


  • Way-of-working (process, raci and work instructions).
  • Tooling: new or integrating in existing (MATLAB Production server, JIRA, Bitbucket, etc.).
  • Eduction: Production quality modelling.
  • Implementaiton: IFRS 9 mortgage model.D5

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