Call for pro bono cases!

Are you convinced that machine learning and big data can bring your organisation additional revenue, lower costs, better risk management or just simply better insights but haven’t had the opportunity to experiment?

Our team of experienced strategists, data scientists and data engineers can help you transform your idea into a concrete goal and develop a prototype. And the best of it? We’ll do it for free. During our yearly Collective Week we join forces and work together as one team on a pro bono case.

Fill in the form below to share your idea with us bullet point style and you’ll be in the running for our Collective Week collaboration.

ADC Collective Week?

One week a year our Strategists, Data Scientists, Data Engineers work together to help innovators increase their data-driven impact. During our Collective Week we isolate ourselves away from home to join forces for 7 days and nights.

During our first ADC Collective Week in 2018 we dedicated our time to building specific skills and strengthening our team. You can read a diary about this week here. This year we commit our Collective Week to a pro bono case and therefore we call for proposals. The team picks a case, based on urgency, innovativeness and feasibility.

What happens after you’ve filled in the form?

  • We will reach out by phone in case we need more information
  • We will announce the winning case in August
  • Is your idea the winning case? The preparatory period kicks off, transforming your idea into a concrete goal and prepare the data
  • Enjoy our team working remotely for you from 3rd till 9th of November 2019
  • Remote presentation of results on Friday November 8th
  • Live presentation of results and drinks TBD

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