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Partnerships & Media

Rik van der Woerdt

Co-founder & CEO

The Netherlands

Geldersekade 101-4
1011 EM Amsterdam

Hans van Avendonk

Country Lead

Thony Ruys

Lead Healthcare

Elianne Anemaat

Lead Public

Scott Bush

Lead Financial Services

Julia van Huizen

Lead Agriculture & Food


Overgaden Oven Vandet 58A, 2. Floor,
1415 Copenhagen

Asbjørn Boye Knudsen

Country Lead

Camilla Huus

Lead Financial Services

Sofie Lohmann

Lead Public and Society

Rasmus Sten Andersen

Rasmus Sten Andersen

Lead Health and Life Sciences


Götgatan 22A
118 46 Stockholm

Daniel Ekström

Country lead

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