Who will be the biggest online retailer in The Netherlands in 2020?

Who will be the number 1 Online Retailer in the Netherlands in 2020?

December feels already long behind with high (online) sales due to the holidays season. These sales are traditionally linked in The Netherlands with the race for gifts for Sinterklaas and Christmas. Lately a number of initiatives coming from abroad have been giving an extra boost to those sales. Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving […]

Data science: why use it? 

People often ask me what ‘data science’ actually is. At Amsterdam Data Collective (ADC), data science has a broad meaning: it is everything that has to do with the process of retrieving useful information from data, as well as editing and presenting that data. Some experts in data science will put the emphasis on the […]

How data science can help medical research

In medical research there is a growing amount of data. It can therefore benefit from the possibilities and innovations that data science brings to the table. Whether it is analysing complex datasets to uncover new information or automating research outcomes, data science is able to help and deliver value. Our project for Stichting Hartekind Each […]

Learn how we solve complex problems with advanced statistical techniques

Every now and then I come across someone who thinks that a touch of artificial intelligence is sufficient to make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear. The majority of entrepreneurs and managers, especially IT and innovation managers, however, take a more realistic approach towards big data and data analysis now, as many among […]

Collective Week 2019

During the first week of November, while the last remodeling of our new office took place, we escaped Amsterdam for a full week together with the ADC team. We stayed in the middle of a beautiful German forest, which was the perfect location for our second annual Collective Week. The Collective Week is one of […]

ADC expands into the healthcare sector

Amsterdam Data Collective continues to grow and commits to entering the healthcare sector. We’re eager to contribute our extensive experience in running data science initiatives towards better care and an even more advanced healthcare sector.  Our new colleague Dennis Diederix joins us as Head of Healthcare. Let’s meet him and understand better what ADC can […]

Who holds the key to reliable management decisions?

Many entrepreneurs and managers are aware that the data available within their company can be a valuable source of information.  Some of them look at that data as a real goldmine. But when it comes to the successful extraction of that digital gold, there is often much more to it than people think.  First of […]

Green Voting Explained

The number of Green Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) has grown in recent years, thanks to research on the effects of climate change and to environmentalist movements such as Fridays For Future. Finding a pattern in Green voting behaviour would allow us to test the current theories in the literature and predict new trends. […]

What’s it like to start as a junior consultant at Amsterdam Data Collective?

Henriette Claus started at the beginning of this year, after finishing her master’s degree in Econometrics at the Erasmus University Rotterdam. A lot has happened since then. This is what she says about her first project Tell me about your first project. I was very lucky! After completing my Quantitative Finance master in December, I really wanted to […]

The recruitment process through the eyes of a junior consultant

Jaap is one of the junior consultants who started recently after finishing his Master of Econometrics. Because he has that kind of profile everyone is looking for, we are very curious about why he chose us and how he experienced the recruitment process. So, let’s have a talk about it from the initial contact till […]