Always check the evidence in Weight of Evidence

During one of ADC’s recent projects, we developed a behavioral score card, modelling the probability of a client becoming “At-Risk” in the next months. We used a technique called Weight of Evidence scaling on our data. Some blogs promote to use WoE scaling as a solution to automate the data preparation process. I’m not so […]

Why I do the work I do and why I do it at Amsterdam Data Collective

If somebody, 10 years ago, had told me that I would become a data scientist, I would not have believed them: I was raised a humanist, educated to think of mathematics and science as disciplines that could not express feelings or insights about the human condition in the same way as literature and art. In […]

Developing Big Impact Solutions

The way we conduct business is changing. Decisions that were once delegated to the sixth sense of executives now have predictable outcomes based on an infinity of variables, from GDP to the latest Buzzfeed article. While tech giants have been the first to master this new powerful tool, it is not exclusive to the top […]

Inside the Amsterdam Data Collective Recruitment Process

Wondering what it takes to recruit top quants in a world where competition for candidates is fierce and large companies are actively hiring with attractive offers? It can be incredibly hard for smaller companies like ours to attract the people that every company wants, but fortunately we have a commendable track record of attracting and retaining the best […]

Why Quantitative Projects Fail

The amount of data generated over the last years has been truly revolutionary. As a result, academics and professionals are looking for new ways to turn these copious amounts of data into useful insights. Unfortunately, many of these initiatives fail.

Our First ADC Collective Week: a Day-to-Day Journal

Rik, Joel and Frank have always been convinced that allocating a significant amount of time to developing technical skills, such as modelling techniques, statistical methods and programming languages, team-working skills and maximising productivity will set them apart from other consulting firms. However, it was not until our strategy session in May 2018 that we realised it […]