Amsterdam Data Collective continues to grow and commits to entering the healthcare sector. We’re eager to contribute our extensive experience in running data science initiatives towards better care and an even more advanced healthcare sector. 

Our new colleague Dennis Diederix joins us as Head of Healthcare. Let’s meet him and understand better what ADC can bring to the healthcare sector.

Tell us something about your background?

I studied physics and have been working in the healthcare sector for 10 years. Starting as a strategy consultant I quickly learned that people are frequently excited by our quantitative analyses. I realised that by building scalable analytical models you can leverage your impact, which got me even more enthusiastic about the potential of data science. Therefore, I joined an old colleague who had a Business Intelligence company. We worked on our dream to improve healthcare with a data driven approach. A merger with our biggest competitor helped us scale our products, and our dreams, further. Now it is time for a new adventure!

What made you join ADC?

For me it feels as if we hit the mark here. I coincidentally came across the role of Head of Healthcare at ADC and was instantly excited. It seems we found each other at the right time.

ADC is growing quickly and wants to broaden its scope to continue its growth, especially in the healthcare sector. A lot of my new colleagues at ADC are excited to make an impact with their data science and problem-solving skills. Not without reason, as the sector is rapidly becoming more data driven and we feel that we can help on a lot of topics.

I personally fell for the strong culture and spirit of ADC. I do not know any other consultancy firm with such an open and friendly mindset, strong ownership on all levels and at the same time high ambitions. It reminds me of the new “teal organization” model that Frederic Laloux explains in his book Reinventing Organizations. In addition, I find it an incredibly exciting opportunity and look forward to building further on our dream together.

What can we expect from ADC in the healthcare sector?

Innovations like machine learning and data science will bring a lot of positive change, also in healthcare. We want to contribute to this with ADC. Our aim is to work on different topics and for different organizations to solve problems and make innovations possible.

We have a “getting things done” mentality, set high quality requirements for ourselves and keep a strong focus on the user of our solutions. In projects we work towards impact as quickly as possible. This makes the deliverable clear, solutions as concrete and useful as possible and we receive feedback regularly. We strive for the best results and are not easily satisfied. Apart from all that, we also want to get to know our clients well so that innovations and improvements are always spot on.

Would you like to know more?

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