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Bringing Data Engineering to the Next Level

Amsterdam Data Collective (ADC) continues to expand its end-to-end data science capabilities, by establishing a dedicated Data Engineering team under the wings of Miha Batic. Let’s meet him.

First, can you tell me a little bit about yourself?

“Ever since my studies at the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia, I have been interested in Databases and Analytics. I started working as a Business Intelligence (BI) consultant in a consulting company in Slovenia, specialised in Microsoft Data products and BI tool from Qlik. After that I moved to the Netherlands, where I have worked on various projects in different industries, throughout the world. I have done freelancing, set up a couple of companies and helped start-ups build and grow their businesses through data and analytics. I have built teams that helped companies and teams become more data driven.

On a more personal note, I live in Amsterdam, where I enjoy walks by the canals, going to the movies and trying new restaurants. I play games and regularly play badminton.”

What is it that appealed to you specifically about ADC?

“I liked the good vibes of people that I spoke to. But I have also noticed that the team is eager to learn, and they are more than willing to share their knowledge with clients and me – which I believe is a sign of a great company culture, especially in consulting.

Besides, I really liked that they were aware of their current strengths but also knew what they are missing to be able to help their clients even better. Amsterdam Data Collective (ADC) knows that data science projects rely heavily on good data engineering practices, and they were decisive to build a dedicated data engineering team.”

What will you be working on at ADC?

“I will build up the data engineering practice; we already have great people with extensive knowledge in data engineering at ADC and we want to get even better. I will focus on guiding clients in their data strategy, after which my team will implement the strategy together with our clients. We want to help clients be successful in data ingestion, processing, and integration with all the different systems they might have. Building Data-Driven Organisations has always been my aspiration, and I believe that with the knowledge and expertise already present at ADC, we can help our clients achieve that.”

According to you, what are the major advantages for organisations of applying data engineering?

“It really depends on the company. Some of the clients want to get better at making informed decisions by using the data in dashboards. But it does not (should not) stop there. With a well-defined data strategy, organisations can become more data-driven, with everyone in the organisation being influenced by data. By connecting different systems and integrating data, it can give an organisation a competitive advantage over the competition. There are certain industries that can automate many processes and save time, reduce costs, and focus on other more important business processes.”

Would you like to know more?

Would you like to know more about what the Amsterdam Data Collective can do for you? Get in touch with Miha Batic at or check our contactpage.


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Under the wings of our new colleague Miha Batic we are establishing a dedicated Data Engineering team, to continue to expand our end-to-end data science capabilities.

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