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Restarting regular care

With our complementary knowledge and expertise BeBright and Amsterdam Data Collective help hospitals and other caregivers with their new challenge of restarting regular care as soon as possible.

The outbreak of COVID-19 has made a lot of impact on the regular care. To liberate the scarce resources hospitals have cancelled half of the regular non-acute operations. This made enough personal, hospital beds and material available for corona patients and reduced infections to other patients.

What is the (financial) impact and risk of delaying these treatments? And how do we get the regular care up-to-standard as soon as possible with the available capacity? It is important to develop a plan to priorities patientcare and arrange resources in the smartest way.

Use models as a basis for restarting regular care

Together with BeBright we help hospitals and other caregivers to restart the regular care using data and models. Let’s get in contact to understand your specific situation and find out how our approach can help you in the best way.

Our approach

We help hospitals restart the regular care in three steps.

1. Quick scan of the situation

  • Analyzing the development of the production after cancelling the regular care and increasing the care for corona patients
  • Determining the impact on the care and financial impact
  • Modelling scenario’s and regional role of hospital
  • Discussing outcomes with the organization Model for restarting regular care

2. Input for our model:

  • Amount of care to catch up
  • Prioritization of patients (combination of estimate of doctor(s), data analyses and national policies)
  • Available resources (compared to normal resources)
  • Output of the model is a prioritization and planning of the regular care such that the care is delivered efficiently and patients are arranged in the most optimal way

3. Financial impact

  • Calculating the impact of the production
  • Determining the (extra) investments, for both non-COVID-19 and COVID-19 care
  • Predicting revenue for 2020 in three scenario’s (pandemic of 3, 6 of 12 months)
  • Determining the impact on the financial statements of the hospital and MSB
  • Discussing actions to minimize the financial impact

Would you like to know more?

Would you like to learn more about the cooperation between Amsterdam Data Collective and BeBright, and how we can help with restarting the regular care? Get in touch with Dennis Diederix, or check our contactpage.

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Dennis is Head of Healthcare at Amsterdam Data Collective. With a quantitative background in physics he enjoys improving the healthcare sector by making it more data driven. He believes in the power of data-science and is curious about innovations that help achieve more transparency, better quality of care and higher efficiency.

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