How data science can be used to steer operational risk management

Short-cycle experimentation and innovation briefly working hand-in-hand as equal partners. Our recent operational risk management project with De Volksbank demonstrates just how powerful a tool this can be to quickly arrive at new insights. Operational risk management (ORM) De Volksbank must report annually on its most significant operational risks. Such an estimate is made up […]

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Natural Language Processing
Risk Management

Don’t jump to conclusions, please

This article is also available in Dutch ‘12% corona patients experience heart problems’, reported the NOS liveblog last week. The finding was deeply worrying, especially in light of the rising number of infections. But it turns out that the figure concerned patients admitted to hospital, 30% of whom already had a history of heart problems. […]

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ADC and Project Cece built an AI plug-in that checks if a brand is sustainable

Amsterdam Data Collective has started a project to make it easier to check the sustainability of a brand while you are shopping online. A simple plug-in (we call it the Goodbase AI plug-in) that you install in your Chrome browser will give the option to easily check on every website you visit if a brand […]

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Add fairness to your Data Quality Frameworks!

Data Quality Frameworks Getting the requirements right for the data set used to train AI systems is a hot topic. It’s a complex issue that Data Quality Frameworks can help to resolve. Effective Data Quality Frameworks (DQFs) today monitor a range of data quality dimensions including completeness, accuracy, validity, timeliness, accessibility and consistency. But not […]

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Public sector

How will the EBA guidelines on loan origination and monitoring support the bank during the crisis?

Banks are currently busy with helping their clients in implementing all kind of measures to ease the pain of the current crisis. Also, our government provides subsidy and/or guarantees on bank loans to companies who are affected by the lockdown. To cut things short, all the departments within the banks are pretty much occupied with […]

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Financial Services

Customer analytics

In a world where customer demand is changing rapidly and customer loyalty is becoming volatile, it is crucial for companies to identify their best customers, understand the needs of these costumers and adjust their strategy based on these customer insights. In other words, Customer Analytics is the way forward! Customer Analytics is about understanding your […]

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Models Behaving Badly?

1-minute version In 2011 Emanuel Derman wrote his book Models Behaving Badly: In general models do not perform well in financial crises. Risk and finance department will face a challenge in maintaining their behavioural models since these models are usually calibrated on ‘normal times’. Behavioural models play a crucial role in, among others, ALM, pricing, […]

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How will COVID-19 affect banks?

On 19 March, Kees van Dijkhuizen, chairman of the board of ABN AMRO, stated that banks will be part of the solution for the current crisis. Together with ING, Rabobank, de Volksbank and Triodos Bank, they decided to give companies affected by the COVID-19 a six-month delay in loan repayment. Initially, it concerns loans of […]

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Restarting regular care

With our complementary knowledge and expertise BeBright and Amsterdam Data Collective help hospitals and other caregivers with their new challenge of restarting regular care as soon as possible. The outbreak of COVID-19 has made a lot of impact on the regular care. To liberate the scarce resources hospitals have cancelled half of the regular non-acute […]

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Number 1 online retailer 2020

December feels already long behind with high (online) sales due to the holidays season. These sales are traditionally linked in The Netherlands with the race for gifts for Sinterklaas and Christmas. Lately a number of initiatives coming from abroad have been giving an extra boost to those sales. Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving […]

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