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7 April 2022
Call for Pro Bono Projects!

Are you a non-profit organisation looking to create impact? To celebrate the five year anniversary of ADC, we want to treat you to data science!

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17 March 2022
Working at Amsterdam Data Collective? A Junior Consultant Explains

Rens Jochemsen (Junior Consultant) discusses the recruitment process, personal development opportunities, and collective growth at ADC.

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26 January 2022
7 Steps to Prevent Cyber Attacks on Businesses in 2022

We outline 7 steps that can be taken by any organisation to prevent and limit the damage of a cybercrime attack.

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20 January 2022
AI in the Dutch Coalition Agreement: What is Relevant for your Organisation?

We highlight the parts of the coalition agreement that are relevant to organisations working with data science and AI applications, and discuss their implications.

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Artificial Intelligence
6 January 2022
EU AI regulation: Is your AI algorithm approved by the European Union?

How do you know if your algorithms are ethical and trustworthy? Through a short video, we help you understand how EU regulations affect your algorithm.

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24 November 2021
Internal Ratings-based (IRB) Models Using Advanced ML Methods, EBA Opens the Door

Read about the next era in IRB modelling using advanced machine learning methods, including data preparation, model development, validation and monitoring of models.

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10 November 2021
Transaction Monitoring and Anti-Money Laundering: An End-to-end Approach

How to deal with ineffective detection of financial crime transactions and money laundering? In this insight experts explain our end-to-end approach to transaction monitoring and anti-money laundering.

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10 November 2021
Round Table: Creating Value with Data Science in the Financial Sector

Together with the European Leadership University and several industry experts, we discussed how to create value with data science in the financial sector.

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21 October 2021
Collective Week 2021 – Positive Impact

During the Collective Week 2021, we recentred, focused and put our values into the spotlight. Are ADC’ers still being brave, breaking down barriers, striving for solutions that are the best combination of our joint creativity?

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7 October 2021
The Next Decade of Data: 3 Key Themes in Financial Services

Detmer Koekoek, Financial Services Adviser, discusses working with ADC and the key data themes in financial services in the coming years.

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