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ADC and Project Cece built an AI plug-in that checks if a brand is sustainable

Amsterdam Data Collective has started a project to make it easier to check the sustainability of a brand while you are shopping online. A simple plug-in (we call it the Goodbase AI plug-in) that you install in your Chrome browser will give the option to easily check on every website you visit if a brand is likely to be sustainable or not.

Download the plug-in and see for yourself

We started out with a small ‘Data Science for Social Good’ project, where we used the data from Project Cece’s sustainable brand database, to train a machine learning algorithm to predict if a brand is sustainable or not” explains Joanneke Meijer (ADC), initiator of and this plugin. “The results are so promising that we wanted to make them more accessible while shopping online.”

Project Cece is an ethical clothing search engine that aggregates products from sustainable fashion brands in one place, thus creating a large database of ethical products. The products shown on Project Cece are from brands that have been researched and vetted manually for their sustainable and ethical practices. The Goodbase AI plug-in is based on a machine learning algorithm that uses Natural Language processing to decide if a brand is sustainable or not. Using (among others) the data from the sustainable brands on the Project Cece website it learns what pages and words to look for on the website of a brand. The AI ‘reads’ the webpages of the clothing brands of which the sustainability level is known, and uses what it has learned to determine if other brands are sustainable or not.

Of course the results of the AI are not always correct,” said Noor Veenhoven (co-founder of Project Cece), “but it can give an indication if a brand is at least partially sustainable. Rating the brands by thoroughly researching them as we do with the brands on our website will, of course, give better results. But Goodbase can rate a lot more brands in a small amount of time so can be helpful for checking the sustainability of brands on other sites.”

We built the Goodbase AI Chrome plugin to help you identify sustainable clothes while shopping online. The human rated brands from project Cece are shown, all other brands are assessed by Artificial Intelligence. For more information see

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Joanneke is a Manager at Amsterdam Data Collective and initiator of the sustainable benchmark. She is an experienced data-science consultant, focussing on forecasting, pricing, operational research and text mining. By coaching teams towards delivering actionable insights from data, she continuously manages to create sustainable impact.

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