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Embracing Responsible AI for Transformative Leadership and Organisational Evolution

Frederik Vind (Senior Development Coach) unravels the relationship between artificial intelligence (AI), evolving leadership paradigms,…
AnalyticsFinancial Services

Deconstructing Conversational AI and its Impact on Customer Service

Are you a forward-thinking Chief Customer Officer (CCO) or Chief Operating Officer (COO) looking to…
Financial ServicesSustainability

From Compliance to Impact: Short-Term Data Strategies for Implementing CSRD

Throughout history, financial reporting has undergone significant evolution to harmonise reporting standards. Today, with the…
Public & Society

The Data-Driven Revolution: Philanthropy’s Path to Maximising Impact

The philanthropic sector is shifting toward data-driven decision-making. In this article, originally published by Philea…
AnalyticsPublic & Society

How Is AI Being Addressed in Dutch Political Platforms?

Our CTO, Casper Rutjes, created an in-depth analysis of AI's role in the upcoming Dutch…
Financial Services

Credit Risk in the Age of AI: Challenges, Opportunities, and the Regulatory Road Ahead

In September, the EBA published a follow-up report presenting the feedback received during the industry…
Agriculture & FoodSustainability

Enhancing Food Security Forecasts: The Power of Semi-Supervised Machine Learning

Approximately 9.2% of the world’s population faces hunger. Our team at ADC has conducted research…

ChatGPT is everywhere, but is your organisation ready for the LLM revolution?

ChatGPT is everywhere, transforming the way we approach operations and strategies across various industries. In…
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22 Pro Bono Projects at the 5th Annual Collective Week

At ADC, we realise the potential of data & AI to create real impact in…

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