Creating a competitive advantage with data

The accelerated digital penetration in customer behaviour we experienced over the past years is here to stay. This disruption has led to a surge in data. Data science will help you transform these data into insights and consequently into enterprise value. In other words, it makes decision making more fact based helps companies create an unfair data advantage.

While the possibilities of data science are seemingly limitless, it is the combination with senior marketing expertise that makes it truly invaluable.

We help our clients translate their marketing and customer experience challenges into data science solutions. And we take care of operationalisation and monetisation in order to create tangible results.

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Through our end-to-end approach to data science we design solutions that add value, today and well into the future.


Data Engineering

Advanced Analytics

(Im)Prove the ROI of your marketing investments

Measuring your marketing return on investments (MROI) and demonstrating the added value of your marketing efforts is a complex process, which we can help you make progress in. By combining modelling and experimentation, we help you determine the best ways to allocate your marketing budget and resources over various channels. After aligning our expectations on how you define a successful MROI, we identify the relevant data sources that are personalised to your needs, and from there build a data framework to measure the MROI.

Visualise current and potential data maturity

Now more than ever it is crucial to determine the potential value of investing in data, particularly due to the rapid increase in digitalisation and depreciation of third party cookies. We can explore the potential of your data maturity level and data-driven opportunities through a marketing lens that is built on a solid foundation of technical knowledge. As we clarify the return on investment of growing your organisation to its next stage of data maturity, you will be left with a clear image of both your organisation and its competitors’ current and potential data maturity.

Unleash strategic goals through a data-driven transformation

Many organisations have begun their data transformation but struggle to find concrete value in it. We can help your organisation achieve its next maturity level and reach its strategic goals. By becoming more data-driven, you will increase efficiency, drive top line growth, become more agile, and create a competitive advantage. Our unique end-to-end approach combines a well-rounded, strategic solution with monetisation and fast prototyping to create internal momentum.


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