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Digital citizenship that is serviced and regulated by a data-driven government will be the norm by 2025. But many public service bodies are wondering how to achieve digital transformation. How can it be done responsibly and ethically? And how can they shift mindsets?

For the first time in history we can access true data-driven intelligence, thanks to the combination of advances in data science and faster technology. Artificial intelligence (AI) is driving new ways to improve efficiency, cost effectiveness and security. We can help you achieve responsible and ethical use of AI by making it ACE: Accountable, Compliant and Explainable. And help your people up their digital skills to embrace data-driven solutions.

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Through our end-to-end approach to data science we design solutions that add value, today and well into the future.


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Solve Complex Social Issues with Data 

With the rapid development of data science and artificial intelligence, organisations are questioning how they can best use these technologies to further the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals. We search for the most impactful data and AI solutions to solve complex social issues, in areas such as inclusiveness, labour market participation, and sustainability. By making use of available data and tools such as Natural Language Processing, we help public and non-profit organisations in the pursuit of positive social impact.

Develop Legally and Ethically Compliant AI Applications 

Legal and normative frameworks surrounding machine learning and AI applications are regularly implemented and evolving. In addition to legal compliance, ethics also play an important role in the public debate surrounding data science and AI. We support public organisations in integrating ethics and regulations in the development of data science applications through low-threshold assessments. These provide insight into the extent to which an application is compliant and how it can be (further) developed. In addition, we invest in raising awareness about ethics and compliance through workshops and training courses for teams and employees. 

Optimise Data Science for Safety and Security 

New technologies make it possible to collect and share information faster and more effectively when fighting against subversive crime and (cyber) terrorism. However, strict security requirements and specific legislation limits organisations’ abilities to share and analyse such data. We have extensive knowledge of and experience in developing and implementing on-site data science solutions within the security domain. We both develop applications and support building data analytics environments and departments. In doing so, we always pay explicit attention to the correct proportionality, subsidiarity, and purpose limitation.


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