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Digital citizenship that is serviced and regulated by a data-driven government will be the norm by 2025. But many public service bodies are wondering how to achieve digital transformation. How can it be done responsibly and ethically? And how can they shift mindsets?

For the first time in history we can access true data-driven intelligence, thanks to the combination of advances in data science and faster technology. Artificial intelligence (AI) is driving new ways to improve efficiency, cost effectiveness and security. We can help you achieve responsible and ethical use of AI by making it ACE: Accountable, Compliant and Explainable. And help your people up their digital skills to embrace data-driven solutions.

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Services we provide

Through our end-to-end approach to data science we design solutions that add value, today and well into the future.


Data Engineering

Advanced Analytics


Strategy for organisational improvement, oversight and policy. Strategy is the start of any data-driven transition.
1. AI regulations, ethics and sustainability | Policy and Governance. How artificial intelligence should be used for the good.
2. AI strategy and change management | Plans and execution. A guided transition toward a data-driven organisation.


We develop full-stack solutions, using state-of-the-art AI techniques implemented with privacy, ethics and digital inclusivity in mind.
1. AI forecasting and prioritisation | Recommendation systems. Proactive steering for more impact and/or lower costs.
2. AI security and oversight | Early warning systems. Recognise anomalies, fraud and or (cyber)risks.


Helping employees embrace and leverage data-driven solutions through digital skills training and education.
1 AI inspiration | Knowledge sessions and workshops. Identify relevant risks and opportunities.
2 AI Deep dive | Natural language processing | Predictive analytics. Learn techniques and improve skills.
3 AI for HR managers | Learn how to attract, enable and motivate data-driven employees.

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