The retail industry is changing rapidly as customer demands constantly shift. Top retailers increasingly base their advantage on data while big tech players are seizing market share through aggregation of retailers into platforms. But many mid-sized online retailers are drowning in data, have no data-driven strategy, and lack the skills to extract the required insights from their data. We can help them reach a level of data maturity to fully leverage the data at their disposal.

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Through our end-to-end approach to data science, we design solutions that add value today and well into the future.


Amsterdam Data Collective helps design and implement a corporate data strategy that empowers your company to reach its business strategy objectives. A key element is ensuring that the most senior corporate leaders embrace the data strategy to drive a full transformation across the organisation.

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Amsterdam Data Collective is a full-stack data-science agency: we help companies with every step of data-science initiatives. From advising on data-driven strategies to the development of state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms and the design of dashboards that provide real-time management information.


We provide education through workshops and training to give your human capital the right skills to operate in a data-driven manner. Topics are:
• Data Science: What is it? Why is it useful? How can it be beneficial?
• Customer Analytics: What’s the theory behind it? How to use it? What are the practical examples?

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