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Sustainability requirements and regulations are implemented at a rapid pace, with the EU Green Deal as an important centrepiece. Also, financial regulators have issued requirements such that climate-related risks are better quantified and capital will be deployed towards more sustainable investments.

Whatever your climate goals, whether you want to limit your organisation’s risk exposure to climate change or profit from the opportunities it presents, data, AI and other data-science techniques are critical enablers to making the right decisions for the future, today. We support companies throughout their entire journey to such data-driven decision-making.

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Through our end-to-end approach to data science we design solutions that add value, today and well into the future.


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Scale-up for sustainable impact

Following the increasing sense of urgency surrounding climate change, there has been a significant rise in businesses with a commitment to bettering the planet. As these businesses grow, their inaugural data infrastructures are unable to support the scaling up of their business model. We can support this growth by establishing a robust data framework that assures a sustainable and durable data-driven strategy in which data can be used as a tool for growth. Our end-to-end approach not only supports the upscaling of your products and services, but also ensures your organisation remains capable of leveraging on these after our team is phasing out.

Reduce your food-print

Forecasting sales volume is a difficult task that is often done based on subjective opinion or backwards-looking models. As a result, this drives the mismatch between food produced and food consumed, causing both unnecessary food waste and lower profitability. By developing a data-driven forecasting model, food produced is more accurate to final demand and food waste is reduced. Our end-to-end approach includes support in setting up a data infrastructure and educating your local teams on how to use and adjust the forecasting models going forward.

Develop your data framework for ESG

By developing a robust Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) data framework, you will be able to act on insights and integrate this data into your current analyses, processes and modelling. Our methods bridge the gap in communication between compliance, risk and strategy by ensuring they use the same ESG data and metrics. Whether your goal is to meet ESG reporting and risk requirements, integrate ESG data to steer your portfolios, or achieve net-zero emissions, we can help you reach it.

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