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We help decision makers realise their advanced analytics vision, and develop modelling solutions for maximum control. Partner with us to optimise, realise, create or validate. 


Data & analytics strategy

Whether you're in finance, healthcare, energy or any other sector, the amount of data your organisation gathers has undeniably increased rapidly over the last years. This data provides an opportunity for additional intelligence. However, capturing this value is not an easy task. By helping you build a data and analytics ecosystem of people, applications and processes, we guide you in deciding what to measure and how.


An experienced model validator helps in getting to more reliable, stable and efficient models. If there's little to improve, our second opinion will provide you with the peace of mind to act on the model's results with confidence. Especially if your organisation carries a large responsibility towards society, it is your duty to take decisions with care. Validated models are a good first step.

Model development & implementation

We are passionate about advanced statistical techniques, machine learning and big data. We love developing cutting-edge models, but finding an appropriate solution to your data challenge is what matters to us most. Whether working together with your in-house quants or as an independent project team, we always aim to transfer our skills, to ensure that your organisation has the right capabilities to continue once we leave.

Automating data analysis & reporting

Are your employees still copy-pasting reports between Excel sheets? Or calculating important performance metrics using a legacy spreadsheet that has grown to become a monstrosity that only a few people within your organisation understand? If so, let us help you optimise your data analysis and reporting processes to produce more reliable insights, faster.

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