”It’s our mission to bring together the brightest quants with the collective ability to uncover groundbreaking insights that help progressive leaders shape a positive future.”

How it started...

Doing things differently

Amsterdam Data Collective was founded by Rik, Joël and Frank. They met climbing the consulting ladder, working on quantitatively demanding projects in finance. Work was fun, but real inspiration was missing. In their view, data analytics projects were far from realising their potential. Clients weren’t getting that extra mile and employees were stuck in consultancies’ outdated organisational structures. They wanted to do things differently, which resulted in Amsterdam Data Collective.

Commitment to results

The increasing desire for data-driven decision making requires management and quantitative analysts to be in sync. Bridging the gap between business strategy and data analysis is what unites Rik, Joel and Frank. They enjoy finding pragmatic and contemporary solutions for their clients and aim to partner with progressive leaders who understand the potential of data. They separate the signal from the noise to deliver relevant insights and usable models, on time.

An inspired team

To earn trust from clients, Rik, Joel and Frank aren’t afraid to commit to targets and timelines. However, they are also honest about their potential contribution at the start of projects and as projects progress. It takes courage to manage expectations realistically and they refer to this as ‘ownership’, the foundation of Amsterdam Data Collective’s culture. In return, they expect clients to give them the freedom to work in a way that keeps them inspired and connected. This results in a workplace that is challenging, where continuous learning takes place and people are intrinsically motivated to do their work.

The Founders


Rik van der Woerdt

Managing Director

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Rik is our initiator and creative mind. As a consultant, he has worked on strategy and risk management projects in a range of industries. Specialising in quantitative strategy and communicating complex statistical analysis to a broad range of business stakeholders, Rik enjoys establishing the interface between model design and application. Rik has studied Finance at the University of Technology Sydney and Econometrics, and Big Data & Business Analytics at the University of Amsterdam.


Joël Tjong-A-Tjoe

Director of Finance and Operations

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Joël is our glue and guarantees that we are committed to exceeding expectations. He has extensive financial risk management consultancy and modelling experience and combines in-depth quantitative knowledge with excellent consultancy skills. Joël is able to build a rapport with both specialists and managers, and thrives when using complex models to solve real-world problems. Joel has studied Econometrics at the Erasmus University Rotterdam, with a specialisation in Quantitative Finance.


Frank Pardoel

Head of Research

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Frank is our pragmatist and delivers, seemingly effortlessly, on the most complex problems. With ten years of experience in the banking, insurance and pension sector, Frank has comprehensive knowledge of modelling, statistical methods and financial instruments. He is often praised for his advisory and writing skills, and structured project management. Frank has studied Econometrics, and Actuarial Science & Mathematical Finance at the University of Amsterdam and Risk Management for Financial Institutions at the VU University Amsterdam. He is also a Certified Financial Risk Manager (GARP FRM).


We want Amsterdam Data Collective to contribute to making the world a better place. To do that, we need projects and people that can make a difference. Since both are scarce, we aim to build an organisation that is valuable for clients and inspiring for employees, by adopting strong principles and a long-term focus.

Quality and Value through Trust and Ownership

To make a difference through advanced analytics, we need the brightest and most motivated quants to work collaboratively on inspiring projects. For us to be entrusted with such projects, we have to deliver tangible value in everything we do. This means taking the time to actively understand the context of the challenge and set clear objectives, to leverage existing assets and create appropriate solutions that are designed to add value today and well into the future.

Additionally, we believe that while process creates the framework for success, it’s the people that deliver the magic. We nurture a culture of co-operation, collaboration and building positive long-term relationships both internally and with our clients. In doing so, we aim to create a valuable and enjoyable experience for everyone involved. We continue to build our team by searching for not just the brightest quants, but those who have a strong sense of ownership, accountability and who endeavour to do what’s right.

Our collaborative, team-oriented approach ensures creative solutions from a mix of interesting minds. We encourage proactivity and try to help before being asked, we give our colleagues the space to shine, we trust in each other and share success as a team. As a result, we believe in our future success and invest, unconditionally, in personal development. This is how we will continue to add value and deliver exceptional results for our clients.

Do you want to make a difference through advanced analytics?