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21 October 2021
Collective Week 2021 – Positive Impact

At Amsterdam Data Collective (ADC) we realise the potential of data for a better future, using data science to make a positive impact. During the Collective Week 2021, we recentred, focused and put our values into the spotlight. Are ADC’ers still being brave, breaking down barriers, striving for solutions that are the best combination of […]

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7 October 2021
The Next Decade of Data: 3 Key Themes in Financial Services

Amsterdam Data Collective (ADC) continues to expand its end-to-end data science capabilities in Financial Services. Detmer Koekoek recently joined ADC as an advisor to the Financial Services management team. Let’s meet him and discuss the key themes in financial services the coming years. First, can you tell a little about yourself? “I believe data and […]

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7 October 2021
Why ADC Develops Precision Dosing Models

Amsterdam Data Collective (ADC) starts investing in the development of decision support algorithms for precision dosing. Our first algorithm supports supplementation of levothyroxine in patients with auto-immune hypothyroidism (Hashimoto’s thyroiditis). We develop this model together with general practitioners of Radboud UMC. Why precision dosing? It has significant impact on patients, caregivers and healthcare expenditures and […]

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24 August 2021
AI and ML: Vast Opportunities, but Even More Pitfalls

In the last five years, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) has moved from being a proprietary tool of tech companies to an open-source platform available to all. Its expanded availability and recent popularity have naturally raised the question “can my business utilize this?”. A quick brainstorm can lead to numerous ideas, but as […]

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17 August 2021
Bringing Data Engineering to the Next Level

Amsterdam Data Collective (ADC) continues to expand its end-to-end data science capabilities, by establishing a dedicated Data Engineering team under the wings of Miha Batic. Let’s meet him. First, can you tell me a little bit about yourself? “Ever since my studies at the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia, I have been interested in Databases and […]

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13 August 2021
Becoming a Data-Driven Organisation

Amsterdam Data Collective helps organisations in becoming data-driven. But what do we mean by a Data-Driven Organisation? Why become a Data-Driven Organisation? And how to become a Data-Driven Organisation? Rik van der Woerdt, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Amsterdam Data Collective, explains it to you in three short videos. What is a Data Driven Organisation […]

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22 July 2021
Machine Learning in Credit Risk – Part 2: Modelling LGD without submodels

In April, we published an article showing that Machine Learning (ML) can improve the prediction accuracy of the Cure Rate (CR) in Loss Given Default (LGD) models. This is the second part of our two-part series blog. We test several ML methods on a dataset in the context of LGD Modelling and evaluate the potential […]

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26 May 2021
Working at Amsterdam Data Collective? Anna explains

See what employees say it is like to work at Amsterdam Data Collective.

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Working at ADC
19 May 2021
AI4Cities: Climate Change, Carbon Neutrality and Innovative Alternatives

How Artificial Intelligence (AI) can Steer Sustainable Smart Cities, like Amsterdam.

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Artificial Intelligence
19 May 2021
Financial Institutions and the Transition to a Sustainable Economy

Why do Financial Institutions (FI) have a major role to play in the transition to sustainability (ESG)?

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