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22 July 2021
Machine Learning in Credit Risk – Part 2: Modelling LGD without submodels

In April, we published an article showing that Machine Learning (ML) can improve the prediction accuracy of the Cure Rate (CR) in Loss Given Default (LGD) models. This is the second part of our two-part series blog. We test several ML methods on a dataset in the context of LGD Modelling and evaluate the potential […]

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26 May 2021
Working at Amsterdam Data Collective? Anna explains

See what employees say it is like to work at Amsterdam Data Collective.

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Working at ADC
19 May 2021
AI4Cities: Climate Change, Carbon Neutrality and Innovative Alternatives

How Artificial Intelligence (AI) can Steer Sustainable Smart Cities, like Amsterdam.

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Artificial Intelligence
19 May 2021
Financial Institutions and the Transition to a Sustainable Economy

Why do Financial Institutions (FI) have a major role to play in the transition to sustainability (ESG)?

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Financial ServicesStrategy
19 May 2021
Stop Basing Your CX Strategy on Surveys Only: it is too Important

Design great customer experiences with predictive consumer insights.

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Public sectorStrategy
29 April 2021
Microbiome Data Science to Improve Quality of Life

Can the microbes inside us help us decide what foods to eat, predict our age, or even tell us what cosmetics to use? Trillions of microorganisms live on and inside the human body, in what is known as the human microbiome. Over the past decade, the microbiome has become one of the hottest areas in […]

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Artificial IntelligenceBigdataDatascienceResearch
29 April 2021
Quantifying Climate Risk

New Economy and Amsterdam Data Collective have entered into an inspiring and ongoing conversation, discussing the potential role of governments and financial institutions in the transition to a more sustainable economy. What kind of data-driven strategies need to be incorporated to lead the way into a more robust and sustainable future? What opportunities will arise […]

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Machine learning
14 April 2021
ADC Commits to Redefining Customer Excellence

Amsterdam Data Collective continues to grow and expands its product and service offering for Retail clients and Marketeers. Our new colleague Hans van Avendonk joins us as Senior Manager, with a special focus on data science for marketing and customer experience. Let’s meet him. First, can you tell me a little bit about yourself? Since […]

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AnalyticsRetail Sector
9 April 2021
Machine Learning in Credit Risk – Part 1: Cure Rate modelling

Integrating Machine Learning methods into your credit risk modelling landscape is a great idea. It allows the user to find new, potentially non-linear, patterns in the data. However, simply applying Machine Learning methods onto a data set is not a guaranteed success. Most methods give fairly good results from the get-go. However, to get the […]

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Credit RiskMachine learning
24 March 2021
Marginalized Groups and Data-Driven AI: a Human-Centric Approach

Why are marginalized groups disproportionately affected by the negative aspects of Artificial Intelligence (AI)? And (how) can we move towards the other side of the medallion: benefiting vulnerable groups in society – vulnerable or marginalized meaning perceived and made vulnerable by institutionalized discrimination and through the outdated misconception of the survival of the fittest- through […]

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