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30 January 2023
Cloud Migration: How We Quickly Modernised our Databases and Can Do the Same for Yours

How we used cloud migration to modernise databases, allowing us to organise access management and further enhance security.

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9 January 2023
Continuing our Nordic Expansion with DAMVAD Analytics and Mentha

Following a partnership with investor Mentha, we have decided to accelerate our expansion in the Nordics by merging with a consultancy based in Denmark and Sweden: DAMVAD Analytics.

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14 December 2022
Working at Amsterdam Data Collective? A Senior Consultant Explains

Maxime Schubiger (Senior Consultant) discusses building a specialisation, organising a hackathon, and the benefits of working collectively.

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27 October 2022
Pro Bono Projects at the 2022 Collective Week

Our team participated in the fourth annual Collective Week by working on twelve diverse pro-bono projects.

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26 September 2022
How Can ADC Help with Climate-Related Risk Challenges?

By identifying and incorporating relevant climate attributes in your bank’s modelling framework, we can help increase its accuracy, adaptability, and resilience to climate-related risk challenges.

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5 August 2022
Data for Social Good: Finding the Balance Between Tech and Non-Profit Perspectives

Both tech companies and non-profit organisations can learn valuable lessons from each other. So, what steps can these organisations take to ensure their data-driven initiatives for social good reach their full potential?

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18 July 2022
Inclusive Leadership in Tech: Our CCO Explains

Rianne van der Loo (CCO) discusses her experience as a woman in tech, the importance of mentorship, and how ADC fosters inclusive leadership.

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28 June 2022
Design Sprints: Two Days that Lead to Long-Term Organisational Impact

We help organisations become more data-driven through two day design sprints that focus on inclusion and results.

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20 June 2022
New European Banking Authority (EBA) Guidelines and Regulatory Technical Standards on Interest Rate and Credit Spread Risk in the Banking Book

Everything banks need to know about the new EBA Regulations, including changes, additions, implications, and how ADC can help your organisation adapt.

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13 June 2022
From Data to Marketing Insights: Business to Consumer (B2C)

Our Customer Excellence team discussed with Dutch CMOs and Marketing Directors how Business to Consumer (B2C) organisations can create marketing value with data.

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